Frequently Asked Questions

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How is HappyNest different?

HappyNest is the first real estate micro-investing platform to connect users to their investments through a fun and easy to use mobile app. We want everyone to have the opportunity to invest, so we’ve made our minimum just $10 (but of course, you can invest more!), making us one of the lowest cost real estate investment platforms. Unlike other public non-traded REITs, we offer customers the ability to buy and sell shares through our app. Have a smartphone? Awesome! That’s all you need – go try it out!

What am I investing in with HappyNest?

You’re investing in a public non-traded REIT that seeks quality over yield. Our investment strategy focuses on purchasing real estate with long-term leases to creditworthy tenants. We believe the best way to grow your nest egg is steadily and conservatively.

Who can invest?

Any U.S. citizen over 18 years of age.

Why should I invest in HappyNest?

At HappyNest, we believe every individual deserves the opportunity to explore the real estate investment market regardless of their income level. With an initial investment of only $10.00, HappyNest has made real estate investing more accessible to the general public. Our goal is to help investors of any skill level achieve whatever financial aspirations they may have.

How do I Invest in HappyNest?

Have you downloaded the application yet? If not, please visit us at the App Store or Google Play and download it today! 

Investments and Withdrawals

How long does it take for my deposits to show up in my HappyNest account?

Deposits take 3-5 business days to show up in your HappyNest account.


How is it possible to only invest $10?

We decided to make our initial share price just $10.00 to allow everyone the ability to invest. Once you invest, you own a share of HappyNest REIT. The more you invest, the more you own.

We evaluate, purchase, and manage the real estate for you, and our technology automates the investing process to cut costs and bring real estate investing to your fingertips.

Can I pick and invest in individual properties?

Although we don’t allow customers to pick individual properties, every investment opportunity must clear our stringent underwriting process before being presented to our board of experts for consideration.

Learn more about our investment team on the “Meet the Team” page.


How often will I receive dividends?

Retained earnings from the portfolio’s rental income will fund quarterly dividends.


Where are my dividends reinvested?

Your dividends are reinvested back into our growing portfolio of real estate so that your interest can earn interest.


Are there fees associated with reinvesting my dividends?


What if I don't want my dividends reinvested?

By subscribing for shares of our common stock through the HappyNest platform, you are automatically enrolled in our dividend reinvestment plan.

If you have any questions regarding the dividend reinvestment plan, please contact our support team at investments@myhappynest.com.

What tax documents will I receive and how often?

We will provide you form 1099-DIV tax information by January 31 of the year following each taxable year.

All your tax documents will be available by written request to investments@myhappynest.com with a subject of “Tax Document Request.”


Can I change my funding account?

Yes! You can easily change the bank account that funds your HappyNest account as long as you have no pending investments. There’s typically a 5-7 business day waiting period before we receive funds from your new bank.

Can I redeem my shares at any time?

Like all real estate investments, you should view HappyNest REIT as a long-term investment (approximately three years). To protect the growth potential of all HappyNest investors, there are no premature withdrawals. Real estate investing is a long-term process and it takes patience to grow your nest egg.

Can I close my HappyNest account whenever I want?

You can request to close your account by contacting us within the app with the message subject “Close Account”. Certain restrictions may apply. See offering circular for additional information.

Can I invest more than $10,000 in one transaction?

Of course! There are just a few easy steps involved, but our friendly HappyNest support team is here to assist you.

Please contact investments@myhappynest.com.

How do I set up an auto-investment?

When setting up an auto-investment in the HappyNest App, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Log in to the HappyNest App and select the “Auto-Invest” button.
  2.  If you have an investing goal already set up, the “Achieve You Goal” button is highlighted in blue, and the frequency of investment is preselected below in the “Frequency” line.
  3. If you have not set up an investing goal or would like to change your auto-investment, tap on the “Input Other Amount” button and type in the amount that you would like to invest.
  4. In the “Frequency” line, tap the drop-down arrow and select “Once Per Month,” “Every Week,” or “Only One Time.”
  5. Tap the “Preview Deposit” button at the bottom of the page. A confirmation page will appear.
  6. Tap the “Submit Deposit” button at the bottom of the screen to confirm the auto-deposit and frequency.

The recurring investment will be in effect on the day it’s created and on the same day of the week (for weekly investments) or the same day of the month (for monthly investments).


How does HappyNest protect my information?

We use cutting edge technology and bank-level security to protect your personal information and notify you of any unusual account activity.

See our “Security” page to learn more.

Is my bank information protected?

Yes, HappyNest and its trusted partners securely handle your banking connections. Our network of partners use encrypted connections to communicate directly with your financial institutions and utilize industry-leading techniques to verify your identity.

How will HappyNest contact me if there is unusual activity in my account?

The HappyNest team will email you to inform you of any unusual activity on your account and provide additional instructions.

What additional safety protocols does HappyNest use?

HappyNest uses email verification, biometric logins (thumbprint and face ID), automatic logouts, and account verification.


Is HappyNest free for active duty military and veterans?

As a veteran-owned business, we give thanks to all the men and women who sacrifice their lives for our freedom. As a way to give back, we do not charge any monthly fees to our veteran customers.

Does HappyNest cost money to use?

HappyNest costs $0 per month in platform fees.