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Real Estate Investing
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Real estate has been around for a long time and it’s not likely to change anytime soon. The demands of modern life have pushed the world of real estate far past its original purpose of warmth and shelter.

As its utility has grown, so too has the net worth of those wealthy few who could afford to own the real estate. Only recently has it become possible to make real estate investing available for regular yolks.

The Journey to the Top
Starts with a single STEP!

Meet Eggmund. Born to loving and supportive parents who did not teach him how to save money for the future. Eggmund knew that he should start saving early, but he always found a reason to postpone thinking about his tomorrow until, well, tomorrow. That was until he realized there might be a way to live life to the fullest AND save up for the future at the same time. So, he set out in search of the perfect way to accomplish his savings goals

The EggVenture Begins
Eggmund™ avoids getting FRIED!

Along his journey, he discovered HappyNest, a real estate investing app that made it simple for eggs like him to own a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate with as little as $10.

Eggmund always heard that owning real estate was one of the best ways to build wealth. Knowing that small investments add up over time, he decided to give it a try.

Start Early and Invest Often
Ready. Set. GROW!

Eggmund now lives a financially confident life filled with great experiences, memories, and a comfortable nest egg that kept growing and growing! He has now dedicated himself to teaching you how to invest your best. The moral of the story is that with small and consistent investments, you too can end up with a big ol’ hearty omelet to gobble down in the future ahead.

Thinking about getting into real estate investing? Eggmund is here to help!

Eggmund and You: The Journey Continues

Once upon a time, Eggmund knew next to nothing about investing. Now, as the learned mascot for real estate investing app HappyNest, Eggmund wants to pass along his knowledge and help you.

First and foremost, Eggmund makes it plain: Using HappyNest is simple.

Eggmund started his journey without industry knowledge. His initial investigation into the real estate investing market uncovered a simple truth: most private and commercial real estate investment apps are cluttered and overloaded with information.

Knowing how overwhelming it was to distill the facts from fluff, the essential from industry jargon, Eggmund was determined to find the best apps for real estate investors–including investors just setting out on their journeys.

HappyNest strikes the perfect balance. Among the best investor apps, HappyNest contains comprehensive information about being successful as a first-time or relatively new investor. Browse quick financial savings tips, or delve into detailed commercial real estate company information.

Do it all on an extremely user-friendly application. The interface is tried and true; Eggmund won’t let you down! Download the app from the App Store or Google Play today, and get started. Options are simple, to-the-point, and easy to navigate.

Follow in Eggmund’s Footsteps, One Step At a Time

The best stories begin with a small step, one foot in front of the other. Follow in Eggmund’s footsteps and invest slowly and carefully. Small investments add up over time. Keep at it, and, like Eggmund, you will reap the benefits. Approximately 84% of investors who have dabbled in real estate will continue investing in the industry, making, as Eggmund suggests, small investments add up over time.

Why A Real Estate Investment App?

Ok, so you’re not here to argue about Eggmund’s newfound success and financial security. You just want to know how and why he did it with HappyNest.

The reality is that, not too long ago, Eggmund’s steps — and yours — may have been quite literal. Investing in real estate used to require a visit to a broker or investment company in person or, if you were lucky, a detailed conversation over the phone. At that point, you would have to write a check, wire money, or send a money order to make your investment.

Now, technology makes things easy! With the HappyNest app and Eggmund as your friendly and helpful navigator, you can do all those things no matter where you are, just using your phone. Send and receive funds. Check out the current market and investing trends. Read up on new strategies for real estate investing, and keep track of the success of your investments so far.

It just takes a few clicks, and HappyNest and Eggmund can lead you to success simply, efficiently, and with the potential to grow your investments for life.

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